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    How are Lost item charges calculated? **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    How are Lost item charges calculated?

    Lost items are defined as ones which whose Loan status (Z36-STATUS) is "L".

    Items can be declared Lost either online (when the operator clicks on "Lost") or by the p_cir_50 or p_cir_51 batch overdue processing programs.

    Lost item fees are calculated as follows:

    1. tab18.eng includes three kinds of charges associated with Lost items:
    0040 Processing fee
    0041 Replacement charge
    0042 Billing fee

    Each entry has a column 4 ("Activate") parameter which must be set to "Y" in order for any amounts to be assessed. The amounts are *not* specified in tab18 but rather in tab34.

    2. tab34 allows you to specify for each item-borrower combination what charges will be assessed for each tab18 type (0040, 0041, and 0042).

    In the case of the replacement charge (0041) this is a default which comes up on the screen ("Enter replacement cost") and can be overridden by the operator at that time. If the z30_price is not blank, then that is used as the replacement value.

    The 0040 and 0042 values are not alterable by the operator.

    3. In regard to batch:

    Tab32 defines the interval at which each overdue notice will be sent and includes an "Action" parameter (column 7). If this is set to "L", then a "Lost" letter is printed and a Z31 Cash bill record created. Tab32, column 8, specifies the transaction line# from tab18 for the replacement charge.
    The tab32, column 7, header says:
    ! lost item letter, can incur lost charges, using
    ! lines 0040,0041,0042,0054 and 0055 in tab18, and tab34. The
    ! lines referring to tab18 do not have to be defined in column
    ! 8, they are automatically assumed.

    In addition, these batch programs multiply the tab34 0042 amount by the "Recall lost letter (ratio)" (tab18.eng, type 0054) --letting you assess an extra penalty in the case of lost items which have been recalled.

    Note1: For details on tab18, tab32, or tab34, consult the System Librarian Guide -- Circulation.

    Note2: For a discussion of overdue fine calculation (as opposed to Lost charges) see the article " How are regular overdue fines calculated? **MASTER RECORD** " (KB 8192-4555). For the handling of overdue fines for Lost items (LATE-RET-FINE-WHEN-LOST), see the article " Overdue fines assessed after items declared lost; LATE-RET-FINE-WHEN-LOST " (KB 16384-45169).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013