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    How to handle due dates during unexpected library closure

    • Article Type: Circulation
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20,21,22,23


    How to handle due dates and renewals during unexpected library closure



    The foreseeable closing period should be given in the tab17 table:

    tab17 can be changed in one of two ways: directly on the server or  via the GUI ALEPHADM function

    If you use ALEPHADM, after the change you should upload the modification to the server (with Upload button)

    To set tab17 correctly:

    • the yyyymmdd exceptions are placed first within the section
    • the ####mmdd exceptions are next within the section
    • the ######## lines are last within the section


    After the update (directly on the server or ALEPHADM) you should run the cir-01 service:

    1. Circulation module --> Service menu --> Manage Database Tables --> Rebuild Due date (cir-01)

    2.a Restart pc-server (sys-01):

    Circulation module --> Service menu --> General --> Restart servers --> PC-Server restart

    2.b Restart WWW-server (sys-01):

    Circulation module --> Service menu --> General --> Restart servers --> WWW Server restart

    This is required, if you allow renewal via OPAC or RESTful API.

    How to renew existing loans

    Option 1. Dates / Change Due Dates of Current Loans

    In the Circulation module use 'Dates / Change Due Dates of Current Loans' choose the new due date and correct all current loans.


    Option 2. Service "Renew Items on Loan" (cir-08) to renew loan transactions

    In the Circulation module -->  Service menu -->  Renew/Recall Loan --> Renew Items on Loan (cir-08)

    This service enables you to renew patrons' loans according to various criteria.

    You may choose to print a report without renewing the items.

    Important note: Renewals are not executed when the item has a hold. This behavior cannot be changed.


    Option 3. Service "Notices to Patrons / Courtesy Notices" (cir-10)

    In the Circulation module --> Service menu --> Notices to Patrons / Courtesy Notices

    This service enables you to send out Courtesy letters and also renew the items when choosing option 'Automatic Renewal'

    Note: you might need to adapt section B-CIR-10 in table ./xxx40/tab/tab_check_circ to adapt it to the specific situation.


    Recommended option is 1. Dates / Change Due Dates of Current Loans


    Additional Information

    The order is important:

    First, you need to set up the tab17 table and run the cir-01 and sys-01 services, then you can create a list with the cir-08 service.

    If the list is correct, you can re-run the cir-08 service with an update database option.

    The cir-08 searches the first open date (based on tab17 table) and the new renew date will be created accordingly


    If you have any questions about this topic, please open a new case in our Support Database .


    Related information

    In case you are deleting Hold requests using service Hold Shelf Report (cir-06) or Report / Delete Expired Hold Request (cir-17), consider to suspend the services.

    See also Deletion of Hold Requests

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    • Article last edited: 20/03/2020