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    Implied "AND" works only when keyword index code begins with "w"


    Though keyword searches in indexes beginning with "w" (wti, wau, etc.) have AND inserted as the default
    operator, index codes not beginning with "w" do not.  Searches in these indexes work only when AND is
    explicitly specified, such as: term1 and term2. 


    This is a complicated issue.  Though not previously noted, it has been this way for at least 15 years.  Changing the programs to fix it would be very difficult.  Therefore, we recommend that word index codes (tab00.lng, column 2) begin with the letter "W".  {Of course, as
    has been well understood for many years, the first character in tab00.lng, column 3 (W-001, W-002) (the "index type") also has to
    be "W".}

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