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    In-transit functionality; "Unable to find Transfer Global Patron Information"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    tab_attr_sub_library is configured to activate the transfer of Items between sub-libraries. In a test, an Item belonging to sublibrary A was loaned to a user at sub-library V. On returning the Item, the system correctly shows that the Item must be returned to sub-library A. However, it then returns the error:

    Remote Service Error c0449 - trans 22)
    Unable to find Transfer Global Patron Information.

    What is missing in the set-up? There was no indication that the Item was 'in transit' -- the item was set to 'Reshelving'. And no transfer slip was generated, although this is set up in CIRC/TAB/PRINT.INI.

    In-transit functionality set up improperly.

    In-transit functionality requires that:

    [1] the Home and Transfer sub-library be listed as either type 1 or 2 or 4 in $alephe_tab/tab_attr_sub_library
    [2] the Home sub-library be listed as type 3 in $alephe_tab/tab_attr_sub_library
    [3] the Transfer sub-library NOT be listed as type 3 in $alephe_tab/tab_attr_sub_library
    [4] a Patron record be present for the Transfer sub-library. The patron must have a local (Z305) record with at least z305_loan_permission = "Y", z305_loan_check = "N", z305_ignore_late_return = "Y", z305_rr_permission = "Y". It is also recommended that z305_expiry_date by the latest possible date and z305_cash_limit be the highest possible sum.

    See Additional Information below for an example.

    Additional Information

    In this example, a patron record with the Patron ID "A" is needed. The system loans the returned Item to this Patron and the Item will appear on the "A" Loans tab, but it will be displayed as "in transit" in the OPAC. When the Item is "returned" at sub-library "V", the in-transit status disappears.

    Note: from v18-up, tab_attr_sub_library can be located in the ADM library instead of $alephe_tab.

    These transactions are recorded in the Z35 events table as:

    2007101309504867671941 HYL 50 Loan
    2007101309505967670471 HYL 61 Return
    2007101309510316168250 HYL 56 Transfer Loan
    2007101309522735350160 HYL 61 Return

    The following SQL query was used to display this information from the Z35 table (query is set up by date):

    DECODE( Z35_EVENT_TYPE, 50, 'Loan',
    DECODE( Z35_EVENT_TYPE, 56, 'Transfer Loan',
    DECODE( Z35_EVENT_TYPE, 61, 'Return', 'Other'))) AS EventDesc
    from z35
    where Z35_EVENT_DATE = 20071013;

    All transactions are credited to the sub-library that owns the Item. A "50" Loan is only recorded once, but a "61" Return is recorded twice.

    All these transactions are counted in the "General Circulation Statistics" job (cir-30). That is, it considers both "50" and "56" as Loans. If you want to remove the transfer data from this report, then the Transfer Patrons need to have a special Patron status so they can be removed manually from this report (see below, Transfer Status 15). The same is true for the "Circulation Statistics by Activity Type" job (cir-31).

    Circ Stats for 20071013 - 20071013 by Sublibrary (ALL) by Borrower Status
    Sub- Borr.
    library Status Loans Renewals Holds Returns
    ------- ------ ----------- ---------- -------- -----------
    HYL 01 3 0 0 3
    15 5 0 0 5
    ******* ----------- ---------- -------- -----------
    sum 8 0 0 8

    To differentiate the source of the actions in SQL queries, (which sub-library performed the action), set tab_attr_sub_library and workstation identifiers to provide this detail via the Z35_IP_ADDRESS field.

    Category: Circulation (500)

    • Article last edited: 9/3/2014