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    Item arrival date changed to "--------" after item has been checked in


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    We are observing that the arrival date is deleted (changed to '--------') after an item is arrived and scanned to its location. 
    A second symptom is that the item also changes back to color red. 


    Doing "global_grep 'TO Z30-ARRIVAL-DATE'" on the source of all the programs, we don't see
    where this could be happening. (There are some batch jobs which initialize or update the
    z30_arrival_date, but it wouldn't seem that you'd be running any of these once the item has
    been received.) 


    1. Look at the current z30 record to confirm that the z30_arrival_date is currently blank. 

    2. Look at the value of the z30h_arrival_date in each of the item's z30h history records,
    working back from the most recent to the oldest. 

    3. Send Ex Libris Support the z30h_arrival_date, Z30H_H_DATE, Z30H_H_HOUR, Z30H_REASON, and
    Z30H_H_CATALOGER fields from each of the z30h records for this item. 

    See specific example in Additional Information.   

    In this particular case, the conclusion was: We are investigating right now, but we believe
    one of our customizations is causing this.


    Additional Information

    A specific example:

    We see this for item barcode 188880012648: 

    On 2016-01-22, the z30_arrival_date was zero and the item process status was changed by
    cataloger XXXXX. Though it's not tracked as a history reason, it must be that the
    z30_arrival date was changed to 2016-01-22 at this time too. 

    Then, on 2016-01-26, all of the following fields were changed (by YYYYYY): Location2,
    Inventory Check, Location Type, Locat. And we see, from the z30h_arrival_date and the
    current z30_arrival_date value of 00000000, that the z30_arrival_date, which had been set to
    "2016-01-22" (on 2016-01-22), was then changed to zero. 

    We assume that it was not the cataloger's intention to zero out the arrival date. 

    Try to reproduce this -- take a different item, arrive it, and then make the same
    changes and see if the arrival date is changed to zero.

    If you are not able to reproduce it, it *is* possible to type over the arrival date and
    change it to 00/00/0000. If you feel that this is not what happened, then we may need to add
    some diagnostics to the program to check further. 


    • Article last edited: 15-May-2016