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    Keyword searches failing after full Word index

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Over the weekend, I ran the Word indexes on our test server. Everything looked as if it worked and the z9n tables seem to have the appropriate number of rows.

    However, it has been pointed out to us today that no Keyword searches on this database will work. All search attempts come back with "no rows found".

    I see this is in $alephe_scratch/abc01_p_manage_01 log:

    Fri Oct 24 21:49:37 EDT 2008 Creating Index z98_id ...
    Fri Oct 24 21:51:42 EDT 2008 Error : Only 0 indexes out of 1 for table z98 were created
    Fri Oct 24 21:51:42 EDT 2008 Error : index list for index creation was 'z98_id'

    The following SQL shows that a variety of indexes exist in ABC01:

    SQL> select INDEX_NAME from all_indexes where OWNER = 'ABC01';

    but util a/17/14 displays the indexes properly for *none* of these. (Please compare this to Prod where util a/17/14 *does* work properly.)

    I tried running util a/17/2 to create the indexes, but it also does not work. (It immediately exits without doing anything.)

    util a/17/11/2 also does not work. (Compare it Prod which is OK.)

    util o/14/1 also does not work.


    1) The root file system was low on space. I think that is why it was bombing out right away when using util/a/17/2

    2) There is not enough space in the TEMP file system. I tried changing ABC01 to use a bigger TEMP tablespace, but that did not work. I think I have to change ALEPH_ADMIN for that.

    Once the z98 index was created, things worked again.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013