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    Lending Library - Expired Message (ill-69) p_ill_69

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Can the ill-69 job be run from the task-list? We need to run various ILL jobs from the task list for everyone (rather than via the GUI client). But the parameters are not obvious and the help file generally has a statement like "Only requests which are managed by the ILL unit to which you are logged in will be handled by this service." We have an account that has ADMIN for the user library and ILL Unit; would that be the account to use? Would it actually run the various jobs?

    The ill_69 service runs in the ILL Library (xxx40) on the Z416 table and tracks ISO (only) Lending Requests whose expiry dates (the Z416_REQUEST_EXPIRY_DATE field, NOT the Z416_REQUEST_LAST_INTEREST field) already passed and which were not shipped or in which a response has not been sent to the requester (requests with Z416_STATUS = Located/LOC or "Located and Printed"/LPR or "Mediated"/MED or "Multiple Located"/MLC or "Mult.Located and Printed"/MLP or "New-Staff Review"/NEM or " New and Printed"/NEP or New/NEW).

    The service sends APDU expired messages (see example below) for these requests and changes the Request's Z416_STATUS to Expired/EXP.
    See v18 rep_change # 1412 for handling of Potential Supplier closed days.

    Where are Expiry Dates Set for outgoing Borrowing Requests?
    In the left pane, Administration tab > Potential Suppliers > lower right pane, 2. Potential Supplier tab > Expiry Days field in middle on right
    It is set per Potential Supplier and allows you to set your Borrowing Requests to Expire per supplier + per media type requested.
    As a Lender, you can also set it on each individual Lending Request in that Request's Expiry Date field.
    ILLRequest APDU fields:
    ILL L $$aIllRequest.SearchType.ExpiryDate$$b20070923
    920 L $$a20070923

    Only requests which use the ISO Protocol and managed by the ILL Unit to which you are logged in will be handled by this service.

    This job can NOT be run from the ADMIN staff user.

    Command Line:
    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_ill_69 p-active-ill-library,ill-unit-name,staff-username
    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_ill_69 USM40,ILL_LAW,GEORGE >& /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/alephe/scratch/usm40_p_ill_69.20080101law &
    [The ">&" redirects both the "standard output" and the "standard error" to the named file. If the "standard error" is not redirected to the file, then the APDUs generated will appear on the screen, but not be saved to a log.]
    Please note that, even if, in this example, staff user "GEORGE" is denied permission to run ill-69 and cannot run it from the GUI interface, that staff username can be successfully used as a parameter when running it from the command line or job list. However, "GEORGE" must be a valid staff username and if the staff-username and ILL Unit do not match, then GEORGE's ILL Unit will be used instead of the ILL Unit specified. Also, GEORGE MUST be written in upper case.

    02 14:23:00 Y USM40 p_ill_69 USM40,ILL_LAW,GEORGE

    In order to run the service for ALL ILL Units at once, the staff username parameter should be left empty and the ILL Unit parameter should be "ALL".
    There is no output file. A sample log file name from $alephe_scratch: usm40_p_ill_69.00226
    Sample Log Entry that results in an APDU (Borrowing Request # 1399 / Lending Request # 1431):
    137 READING/UPDAT000001431 AT 19:47:25
    2007-12-31 19:47:25 [log] ill_send_apdu - START
    2007-12-31 19:47:25 [log] ill_send_apdu - Ill Partner Code 'ILL_LAW'
    [ver] - illclient - APDU
    [line breaks were added, for readability]

    Sample APDU Expired Message:
    FMT L IL
    LDR L ^^^^^nam^^22

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013