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    License limit exceeded message in GUI

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    * GUI users see "License limit exceeded"-messages.
    * In pc_server_6991.log.nn.hhhh these error messages are displayed:
    Oracle error: io_z65_update
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    * Possible messages in www_server log may be:
    Oracle error: io_z05_write
    ORA-00001: unique constraint (VIR01.Z05_ID) violated
    Oracle error: io_z110_write
    ORA-00001: unique constraint (VIR01.Z110_ID) violated
    * This is happening even clear_vir01 is running regularly in cold mode as recommended
    * It may also affect WWW server.

    clear_vir01 is running while PC Server and WWW Server were still up and running.

    To solve the current problem ("license limit exceeded"-message):
    * Shutdown Aleph:
    >>cd $alephe_root

    * dlib to any Aleph library and call up util x/8 (Clean Virtual Library (VIR01)) in cold mode.

    * Startup Aleph again:
    >>cd $alephe_root

    To prevent that the problem is happening again:
    * Make sure that clear_vir01 is running regularly in your job_list
    * Use server_monitor and p_sys_01 to stop and restart PC- and WWW-server before and after clear_vir01.

    Example of file $alephe_tab/job_list:

    W0 04:59:00 N server_monitor -tks WWW
    W0 04:59:20 N server_monitor -tks PC
    W0 05:00:00 Y clear_vir01 VIR01 clear_vir01 VIR01
    W0 05:00:20 Y VIR01 p_sys_01 VIR01,WWW,
    W0 05:00:40 Y VIR01 p_sys_01 VIR01,PC,

    * After changing job_list, call up util e/16/9 Reload job_list/job_list.conf in jobd

    Additional Information

    See also  Article 000038483   GUI "License limit exceeded"  .

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013