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    License limit exceeded or System is overloaded **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20,21,22,23


    • Users get the message "License Limit Exceeded" or "System is overloaded, try again" in the PC client or in the Web.
    • On the PC you may see "Remote Service error C1015 88 - License limit exceeded" or "Remote Service 9 Error".)
    • You see messages about license limit exceeded in the www_server, pc_server, oclc_server, or z39 server log.

    The servers' log files (in $LOGDIR/pc_server_65n5.log) have messages like this:

    Licensed users: 000000050
    Active users :  000000051


    These messages indicate that there are more users than the license limit.

    To diagnose the problem:

    1. Do util y/11.
    This will give you the current number of active users for each server.
    a. If you feel that the number for the problem server could be correct, then contact Ex Libris Support to have us increase the number on your license.

    b. If you feel that the number could not be correct (there couldn't be that many actual users), then "dlib vir01"; and

    * run aleph_shutdown
    * run clear_vir01 (util x/8) cold
    * run aleph_startup.

    2. It may be that some other computer is creating multiple sessions on your server.
    To determine where the sessions are coming from and prevent them, consult Article "Users connected to server; 'License limit exceeded'".

    3. Another cause of repeated, multiple sessions (in the www_server) can be spiders/robots. You may be able to identify and exclude them by address based on Article "Users connected to server; 'License limit exceeded'".

    Or, placing a two-line robots.txt file in your server's $alephe_root/apache/htdocs/ directory should also prevent this:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    Additional Information

    Note:pc_server sessions remain active for 10 minutes after the time of their last activity. If a user has multiple GUI modules open at the same time, they are counted as only one pc_server session.
    Web sessions remain active for 2 minutes.
    This applies to all Aleph version 12.4 and up

    You can see the license itself as the file "license" in the ./alephe/tab directory.

    This file shows how many licensed users there are for each kind of server.
    There can be values for: MAX-WEB-USERS, MAX-GUI-USERS, MAX-Z39-USERS, MAX-SC-USERS (self-check), MAX-NO-LIBS, MAX-DOC-NUMBER, OCLC

    If you feel that these values are not correct for your site, contact Ex Libris Support.

    Related information 

    Article 000038483 (GUI "License limit exceeded")
    Article 000037564 (Users connected to server; "License limit exceeded")

    • Article last edited: 21-Jan-2020