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    Linking bibliographic 655 fields to authority 155 fields - genre

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We have loaded the first 8 genre authority records. We have added SGN to abc01/tab/tab_aut. We have added the following code to abc01/tab/tab20:

    ! for genre
    1 SGN SGN 155## -wi 0
    2 455## -wi5 0 SEEF

    1 SGN SGN 155## -wi 0
    2 COR## -wi 0 SEEF

    We have added the following authority record:

    1161515 - Concert films - matching bib sysid 3221939

    I see the records in abc50 run_e_11.1935, but what I am seeing in run_e_08.26637 is not what I expected:
    11:01:18 ********************
    AUT DOC : ABC10 - 001131213
    Marc type : 1 Update doc : N Update flag : bab

    It is linking the SGN heading to the authority record with the 150 field (abc10 001131213) instead of that with the 155 field (abc10 001161515).

    The linking is done using the Z01 GEN index. There can be only one "GEN LCONCERT FILMS" Z01. If there are sba10 records with both

    150 CONCERT FILMS and


    there can be only one GEN Z01. As you suggest, the new v18 authority control should take care of this.

    (Note: The linking worked with a 155 which does *not* have a corresponding 150 Subject authority record .... From the site:
    Our authority staff created a genre authority record for Dark comedy films since we didn't have a corresponding subject heading. The bibliographic record *is* correctly linked to this authority record.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013