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    Loading Authority Records; Handling Ambiguous Headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We are working on setting up loading authority records. We have an input file of AUT records that we convert to Aleph sequential format by doing p_file_01 and p_file_02. Then we turn ue_08 off and run p_manage_31.
    We have had considerable discussion about whether we should set up our AUT records to be automatically upd=Y or upd=N. (We had heard that some other libraries were creating their AUT records as upd=N to avoid unintended flips.)
    We understand that, rather than doing upd=N, there is some other service we could run before turning ue_08 back on that would identify potential unintended consequences. Can you give us any guidance as to what our options are?

    Note: In addition to the following, there is information on handling ambiguous headings under the Authorities Section 3.4 of the User Guide.

    There are 2 basic options:

    1. p_auth_04
    This service creates a report that lists the Authority headings present in more than one record. There is "Block Records" option to p_auth_04, which, if set to "Yes", when this procedure finds a heading with more than one record, then this batch process updates the 008 field, position 14-16 (usage codes), in the related Authority records. The content of these positions is changed to uppercase, so that the record becomes no longer relevant for the BIB-AUT connection.
    In either case (BLOCK or not) the job produces a report showing the conflicts.

    2. fix_doc_aut_duplicate (new in v16.02)
    This routine in the tab_fix table of the Authority library to prevents a duplicate entry being inserted into the index.
    fix_doc_aut_duplicate changes the Authority record, adding the contents of the 1XX field to subfield $7 of the 4xx, thus disambiguating the See From entry. In later versions, you can specify which subfield will be added to the 4XX.
    fix_doc_aut_duplicate can be included in the P-31 section of tab_fix, for execution as part of p_manage_31.

    You also need to be sure to include the subfield ($7 or whatever you are using) in the definition of the related browse indexes.

    (Keywords: authorities p_file_01 file_01 p-file-01 p_file_02 file_02 p-file-02 p-auth-04 auth_04 p-manage-31 manage_31 p-manage-37 manage_37)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013