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    Make Aleph Read-Only for Everything but Circ during Alma Cutover

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Make Aleph read-only for everything but Circulation during Alma cutover.   


    [Note that in the following setup, GUI Search is available (via the GUI Circ client), but GUI Cataloging and Acquisitions modules are  completely disabled.  The following article describes how read-only function can be enabled for Cat and Acq, along with complete Circ function:  View-only GUI login for Cataloging and Acquisitions .]

    To have GUI Circ, including the Search function in GUI Circ, be available, the following statuses need to be set in util w/5 (View/Update Global System status):             

          Process Name                      Status
          -----------------------------   -----------------------------
       1. SYSTEM                             UP
       2. WWW-SERVER                         UP
       3. ACQ                                DOWN
       4. CIRC                               UP
       5. CAT                                DOWN
       6. ILL                                DOWN
       7. JOBD                               DOWN
       8. QUEUE-BATCH                        DOWN
       9. ALL-UE                             DOWN
      10. UE-01                              DOWN
      11. UE-03                              DOWN
      12. UE-06                              DOWN
      13. UE-08                              DOWN
      14. UE-11                              DOWN
      15. UE-13                              DOWN
      16. UE-17                              DOWN
      17. UE-19                              DOWN
      18. UE-21                              DOWN

    Note:  Some sites have wanted their overdue notices and other batch Circulation notices/reports to continue being printed during this "technical freeze".   You can do this if the $alephe_tab/job_list contains no jobs which update Cataloging or Acquisitions tables.  In that case you would leave "JOBD" and "QUEUE-BATCH"  "UP"  Note: There's a potential problem with this, which is that the manage-62 and manage-63 jobs, which update item records, would be active in the GUI Circ client and since the xxx50 batch queue would be up, if submitted, they would run.  This would need to somehow be prevented.  The same is true of the file-04, file-06, and file-09 import database table services.  Staff would need to understand that these are *not* to be run during the cutover.

    Additional Information

    See also the general article:     Putting Aleph in Read-Only Mode during cutover to new instance .


    Category: System Management

    • Article last edited: 5-Jun-2018