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    Maximum Number of Invoices Associated with an Order

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 15.5

    One of our libraries is having a problem with the Acq client crashing when trying to add a line item to invoice #232883 for vendor NLIBB. The crash occurs after adding the line item and then selecting order number #1193416-4. It also crashes when you click the View Order button from the Order Index List for order #1193416-4.

    I find that there are 500 z601 records for order number 00119341600004, is this a limit?

    Also, the pc_server log shows a possible problem with tab_acq_display.eng, where it doesn't seem happy with some of the lines for this order, but not for other orders, they are:

    tab acq code not allowed: ITEM-COLLECTION
    tab acq code not allowed: INVOICE-NOTE
    tab acq code not allowed: INVOICE-PRICE

    I find that the next-highest count of budget transactions (z601's) for the same z601_rec_key_3 is 183:

    SQL-ABC50> select z601_rec_key_3, count(*) from z601 group by z601_rec_key_3 having count(*) > 100;

    Z601_REC_KEY_3 COUNT(*)
    -------------- ----------
    00000000000000 2903
    00119339900001 183
    00119341600004 496

    Since I can find no other report of this and since order record 001193416-00004 seems to be the only case at your site, I suggest that you deal with this by creating another order record for this title and attaching subsequent budget transactions to *that* order.

    The "tab acq code not allowed" message is described in KB 8192-7320 (which I just created, based on PRB 8594).
    It may be a side-effect of this problem, but is not the cause.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013