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    Patron names containing apostrophe don't file properly

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    In GUI Circ --> Patron List --> sort by Patron Name, some of the names containing apostrophes (such as "O'Rourke") are at the very beginning of the "O"s, while others are in their (correct) alphabetical position later in the "O"s, with the apostrophe ignored.

    1. z303_name_key's inconsistent

    2. Incorrect entry for the apostrophe in ./alephe_unicode/adm_name_key, that is:

    0027 0027 #APOSTROPHE

    needs to be:

    0027 0000 #APOSTROPHE

    in order to ignore the apostrophe -- and have the name be filed by the letter following the apostrophe.

    1. Decide if the apostrophe should be ignored in sorting the patron names

    a. If not, specify:

    0027 0027 #APOSTROPHE

    in ./alephe_unicode/adm_name_key

    b. If yes, specify:

    0027 0000 #APOSTROPHE

    2. Run manage-64 ("Create Filing Keys for Names"), specifying "Patron Name (Z303)" as the Table

    Note: Since adm_name_key is specified (in tab_character_conversion_line) as the file to use for:


    in addition to the BORROWER_NAME_KEY, it may be desirable to run manage-64 for *each* of the Table options (z70, z303, z308, and z108) in the manage-64 submission screen.

    p_manage_64 does not lock the library; it can be run any time.

    3. Run manage-25 ("Build Patron Indexes") for each ADM. If multi-ADM, consult KB 16384-19810 ("How to run p_cir_25 at a multi-ADM site")

    Additional Information

    Detailed example of problem:

    Searching the patron list for "o'rourke", the result shows "O'Rourke, Patrick" but not "O'Rourke, Joseph". To find "O'Rourke, Joseph" requires searching only the first letter, 'O'. That yields "O'Rourke, Joseph" followed by all other names beginning with the letter 'O' including all the 'O-apostrophe' names (in their correct alphabetical place, ignoring the apostrophe).

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Patrons

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013