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    Preventing Aleph down systems **MASTER RECORD**


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    What are the most common causes of Aleph down systems and how can they be prevented?


    1. The most common cause of Aleph down systems is "license limited exceeded" due to clear_vir01 failing to properly reinitialize the vir01 z63, z65, z05, or z110 tables. The solution to this problem is to take the pc_server and www_server down when clear_vir01 is running and to make certain that the vir01 batch queue is running. See links to articles in Additional Information below. 

    2. /exlibris filesystem reaching 100% full or an Oracle tablespace becoming full and unable to get another extent. See links to articles in Additional Information below. 

    3. Batch update of Oracle table makes incorrect updates and needs to be undone. The main principle is to back up the tables affected by the batch update (using the file-03 Service or Oracle backup) prior to running the update -- so they can be restored if necessary. See also, article in Additional Information below. 

    4. Batch jobs don't run. See link to article in Additional Information below.


    Additional Information


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    3. Relevant article for incorrect batch load:
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    4. Relevant articles for batch jobs not running:
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    • Article last edited: 28-Feb-2016