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    Problem with z111s (borrower keywords - name search)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I search in Users (borrowers) List, in Keywords, for example, for "Gray, Anita L.", but I get I get "gray, david b." ; when I search for "gray l" I get "gray, anita l" which is correct. I've removed the end punctuation -- "Gray, Anita L" -- but it's still doesn't work correctly.

    xxx50/tab/tab_filing should have this line commented:

    55 icelandic_z303_name

    Note that to activate a change in the table, you will need to re-started library batch queue and pc_server, and ran p-manage-64 which rebuilds the z303_name_key fields.

    Here is the rep_change:

    Description: special Icelandic filing:

    Icelandic names file differently than "normal" names, and therefore programs have been added for filing headings in database, and for creating z303_name_key.

    1) the system now uses tab_filing for creating Z303_NAME_KEY. Therefore,
    (1a) there must a tab_filing table in the relevant ADM library (note that this might be the USR00 library). Until now tab_filing was not required in ADM.
    (1b) tab_filing must have proc 55 for z303_name_key
    (1c) proc 55 must have at least the following line

    55 char_conv BORROWER-NAME-KEY

    2) the filing proc for icelandic is icelandic_z303_name. e.g.

    55 icelandic_z303_name
    55 char_conv BORROWER-NAME-KEY
    55 to_lower

    If the name has more than 2 words, the last word in the name is positioned after the first word. e.g.

    Hulda Maria Einarsdottir = Hulda Einarsdottir Maria
    Hulda Hronn Friobertsdottir = Hulda Friobertsdottir Hronn
    Hulda Gardarsdottir = Hulda Gardarsdottir
    Hulda Sigrun Haraldsdottir = Hulda Haraldsdottir Sigrun
    Hulda Klara Hjaltadottir = Hulda Hjaltadottir Klara

    3) new filing procedure for "BIB" tab_filing, icelandic_name, transposes subfield 7 placing it after subfield 1. Example:

    Display text:

    Alexander [subfield] 7 Alfred [subfield] 1 Jonsson [subfield] c 1943, becomes:

    Filing text: Alexander Jonsson Alfred 1943-

    ==> Because the procedure is dependent on subfield codes, it must be placed before del_subfield_code.

    (keywords: p_manage_64 manage_64)

    Additional Information

    borrowers list, search

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013