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    Re-loan block; check_circ_7_c / Z36H questions


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    I have been asked to set up a 1 hour reloan block (tab15 col 15) for our 2 day loan material.

    I notice that check_circ_7_c isn't in check_circ_override, but I do see a line for it in check_circ in error_eng: 
    0214 L The same copy of this item cannot be reloaned to the same patron during a specified period. This item was last returned by this patron on $1 at $2.

    Can I just add a line in check_circ_override? e.g.

    0214 20 check_circ_7_c : Reloan not allowed for one hour after return 

    Also, I have read the other KB's that mention that check_circ_7_c can slow down the system by having to check through all the z36h records related to the item. The size of our Z36H is 85,63,301. So I am thinking of dropping some of these, and want to check the impact.

    Does the z36H get ETLed to ARC? 

    Would a patron's loan history be affected? Our users like their lists of past loans! If yes, we would have to add a note to that effect in the OPAC...

    If a patron still has an outstanding cash owing for an ancient loan, would it be impacted?


    Check_circ_7_c can be successfully added to check_circ_override. 

    You want to delete the older z36h's only in the case where there are so many loan history records that loan performance would actually be affected by their presence. 

    Be sure to back up your z36h (with p_file_03) before running this.

    I'm pretty certain that the z36h is ETL-ed by ARC.

    What the patron sees in the the loan history is z36h's. But since it's only loans more than 8 years old where there are more than 100 loans of the item which are being deleted, most loan history records would *not* be deleted (-- and do not *need* to be deleted) -- unless for other reasons, such as space.

    Outstanding cash owing for an ancient loan, would *not* be impacted. Such items still have a z36 status "L" (Lost) record; z36h records are written only when the item has been returned.




    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016