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    Recall info on the Web OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    The new feature in v.19 on the web opac of saying when a book would be due back if it was recalled always adds the value from tab16 column 19, without taking note of the actual due date which may be earlier. For example, Tale of the Mouse on our opac is due back on 31st May. If you try requesting this title from the holdings page, the message says if it was recalled it would be due back on the 4th June because that is 14 days hence and tab16 col. 19 says 14. This message is confusing.

    The development team do not consider this system behaviour a bug.

    There might be cases where the "recall due date" (z36_recall_due_date) is later than the due date (z36_due_date).

    1) Item is on loan for patron A. Due date is 2008/09/05.
    2) Now today (2008/09/03) patron B places a hold request in OPAC that causes a recall of the loan to be created.
    3) In col. 19 (No. of days for recall notice) of tab16 you might have 007. Therefore the system would calculate (during p_cir_13) today + 7 days = 2008/09/10 as "recall due date" (z36_recall_due_date).

    Of course this does not mean that the loan period is extended from 2008/09/05 to 2008/09/10. If patron A returns the item on 2008/09/06 it will be late (and late return charges 0003 from tab18 might be created). So 2008/09/05 is still the "effective due date" in display. But if patron A returns the item later than the "recall due date" (for example 2008/09/11) depending on the setup of 0050-0055 in tab18.eng extra charges for late return of recalled items might be charged.

    So if at stage 2) in above example the OPAC info before placing the hold request says "Due date after recall will be set: 2008/09/10" this is technically correct. But of course patron B might be confused as he might think that the loan period will be extended after the recall.

    Additional Information

    recall, information, holdings, recalled, Web OPAC, 19

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013