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    Requested/reshelving" message

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Multiple copies of a title (for the purposes of the test, 2 copies). 4 holds outstanding on title. At least 1 recall has been generated.
    Copy B returned.
    On day of return of copy B (and possibly subsequently, have not yet tested that) "Due date" column in Items list display for title gives "Effective due date 17/10/2005" for copy A (the copy still on loan with recall active).

    For copy B "Due date" column says "Requested/Reshelving"
    The same text displays for copy A and copy B on the public OPAC.

    It is not possible to make a reservation for either copy of this title via the public OPAC. Message that appears in both cases "Item or like copy is on shelf. Cannot place hold request."

    This is incorrect. There is no copy currently available on the shelf.

    It seems that the "requested/reshelving" status problem is linked to the multiple copies/holds problem. I have had this report today:

    Book, (1504132128) on hold shelf with reservation slip for CJ4104. 3 copies of this title, 2 with item status 03, 3 requests in total on status 03 inc. CJ4104.
    Slip says ON HOLD UNTIL 19/10/2005.
    The hold slip was printed on 10/10/2005.
    Item will not issue to CJ4104 - "on hold for another user"
    Item list shows "reshelving/requested."
    Item returned and activates hold for CK9406 - no record of CJ4104 hold.
    The item list now shows "On hold/Requested" correctly.

    In another case returning the (already returned) item didn't help.

    We suggest that, when you see this message, you use the GUI Circ Requests (on the 2nd line from the top) -> Hold Requests -> Print Letter -Hold-Request-Filled function to let the patron know that the item is available. When the patron comes in and checks the item out, the "Requested Reshelving" message will change to "On Loan".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013