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    Running UTIL-Y-11 (or other util) from job list

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We need to get periodic snapshots of GUI license usage. This means executing the util_y_11 as a job_list or cron job. The part we need is the cobrun $aleph_exe/uy_11.
    When attempting to run this from a script as an aleph user, we receive the following error(s):
    Load error : file 'get_env' or
    Load error : file 'create_alephe_file_name'
    173 Called program file not found in drive/directory
    Please advise.

    In order to execute a program in batch like this you need to include the def_local_env.

    You can create a "util_y_11_b", like this:
    source $aleph_proc/def_local_env
    cobrun $aleph_exe/uy_11

    Note: /usr/bin/csh needs to be referenced. ( /usr/bin/ksh did not work; it generates the above error.)

    The following are other cases where an $aleph_proc/util_x_nn procedure has been made into a batch proc:

    >> cd $aleph_proc
    >> ls util*_b
    util_a_13_b util_a_19_b util_g_06_b util_l_05_b
    util_a_14_b util_a_20_b util_g_08_b util_m_08_b
    util_a_16_b util_b* util_g_09_b util_m_14_b
    util_a_17_13_b util_g_01_b util_h_01_3_b util_m_18_b
    util_a_17_b* util_g_04_b util_l_03_b util_s_03_b
    util_a_18_b util_g_05_5_b util_l_04_b util_x_05_b

    See KB 16384-34274 in regard to util_a_17_b.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013