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    Title Search in ALEPH GUI doesn't find Japanese record with matching 245

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    A new BIB record was created (003725771) with a 2450a Journal of antibiotics. It is a serial record.

    Using the GUI to search our OPAC, I get the following results:

    Find Title=Journal of Antibiotics NO record

    Find Journal Title=Journal of Antibiotics and got the record okay.

    Find Anywhere In the Record=Journal of Antibiotics and got the record.

    I changed the title in the 245 to something completely random and the title was searchable again. Changing it back to "Journal of antibiotics" the Find title=journal of antibiotics does not retreive the record.

    Looking at 003725771 with util f/4, I see this:

    042 L $$ansdp
    05014 L $$aRM265$$b.J86 gikai : 1968)000 L $$aW1$$bJO537 seibusshitsu Gakujutsu Ky?
    2101 L $$aJ. antibiot.$$b(Tokyo. 1968)n K?
    24500 L $$aJournal of antibiotics$$h[electronic resource]

    Though "8)000" seems to be a tag in util f/4, we see (in the above copy/paste) that, in fact, this "8)000 L..." is actually part of the 050 field.

    I see this in the Harvard catalog for this title:

    7102 |a Nihon K?seibusshitsu Gakujutsu Ky?gikai.

    This is an added author. "1968" is the year of publication.

    I suggest that a cataloger bring this record up in OCLC and correct it, based on what they see there.

    [This worked.]

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013