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    What matching fields can be used for serial-52?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Can you provide more information on the fields that are used for match when importing serial records? Thanks

    1) The program of p-serial-52 does not have field 245 as a default field (The lines relating to field 245 are commented out in the program)
    In fact, a match CANNOT be done according to field 245.

    2) If the library wants the program to match according to a field different from the default fields (e.g. 260) this field must be set in the
    table tab_85x_import, otherwise the program will not match according to that field. For example MAB or UNIMARC installations
    which have fields 011 or 542 instead of 022.

    3) In theory, this table is not mandatory. The program will work also without the table!
    The table may be also empty, no tags defined.
    However, we recommend that the setup in the USM50 library be used as a standard:
    001 I CNO
    010## a a I 010
    !020## I 020
    022## a a I ISSN
    022## a z I ISSN
    022## a y I ISSN
    035## I 035

    In both cases (either the table does not exist or it is empty, meaning no tags are defined), the match will be done according to the default
    tags (001, 035, 020, 022) which are hard coded in the program.

    * If The table tab_85X_import exists and has defined tags, the program will match according the tags defined in the table and will
    ignore the hard coded tags in the program.

    4) If the table tab_85X_import includes tags for matching and:
    4.1) staff user did not type any tags in the form before submitting the batch, the match will be performed according to the tags set in the table.
    4.2) staff user typed part of the tags defined in the table, the match will be done only according to the tags that the staff user has typed.

    5) It is possible to set the pcb file p-serial-52.xml to include in the filter tag fields values of fields, e.g 260, by adding the line: <default>260</default>
    as folows:

    <label>Filter Tag 1</label>

    6) Field 035 that is used for match is a combination of the fields 001 + 003
    Field 001 includes the record's system no.
    Field 003 includes the library's code e.g.: HVD

    The result will be: 035 $a (OcoLC) 814782
    Lib. code Sys. no.

    (keywords: p_serial_52, serial_52 export 853 holding)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013