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    Which MARC-record fields are used to populate the z13?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    [From ELUNA-SysAdmin list:]

    How does one determine which MARC record fields are used to populate the z13 Short Bib Record table for the z13-Author and the z13-Title ?

    Is this customizable by site? [ For example, maybe a library wants to use 100## , 110## , and 111## ]

    I need to be able to understand / explain what fields are and are not being used. (Ie, because the indexes in a Web OPAC browser can have a different definition for 'Author' or 'Title' than the ones used to create z13 records.)

    [From Mike Rogers, University of Tennessee - Knoxville:]

    tab22 controls what fields are populated in the z13. This file sits in each library's $data_tab (e.g. xxx01/tab, xxx50/tab, etc.)

    tab22 allows you to specify which MARC tags and indicators are used. You can specify up to five fields, in priority order. Note that if a record has more than one of the fields specified, that only the first is taken for the z13 record. Also, you can define five "user defined fields". This has really proven helpful for us in our SQL queries.

    The help section of tab22 also describes how you can create virtual fields and combination fields, using tab_expand_join and edit_paragraph. These are also really helpful.

    After you edit and save tab22, you can rebuild the records using manage-07. Our site has just over 2 million bibs, and it seems this job takes just over an hour to run.

    [An additional note from Jerry Specht:]

    In versions 16 and 17, the z13 has five user-defined fields.

    In version 18, the Z13U was added, with 10 additional user-defined fields.

    In version 19, all 15 user-defined fields are moved to the Z13U.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013