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    Z13U table - How to prevent its creation

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    In our most recent run of ABC01 indexing, we had a Z13U table created unexpectedly. What table change did we make, probably inadvertently, to have created this table? Can I just drop the table if it is not needed?

    The --optional-- z13u table contains 10 USER-DEFINED fields which can supplement the five included in the z13 table.

    The z13u is created by util a/17/1 all or p_manage_07 (Cataloging > Build Indexes to the Catalog > Update Short Bibliographic Records) when there is an entry for it in the $data_root/file_list or, in the case of a merged file_list, in the $aleph_root/tab/file_list.BIB.

    Even if no USER-6, USER-7, etc., fields are specified, p_manage_07 will create a z13u record for each doc record. And, once the table has been created, any update of the z13 will also update the z13u.

    If the table is not needed, you can just drop it.

    Note that in version 19, *all* of the user-defined fields are in the Z13U. (The USER-DEF-1 through USER-DEF-5 fields are migrated to the Z13U table.) S

    If it has already been generated, you can do this to drop it:

    SQL> drop table z13u;

    You can prevent it from being generated (by p_manage_07) by:

    1. eliminating the z13u lines in the $data_root/file_list
    2. if you use the merged file_list (with entries coming from the $aleph_root/tab/file_list.BIB), then rather than simply deleting the z13u lines in your $data_root/file_list you will need to change them to these:

    NA z13u
    NA z13u_id

    (The "NA" is for not applicable. When it is present, the lines from the file_list template file are not used.)

    See also:

    v16 rep_change 1887 (KB 7819)
    v17 rep_change 912 (KB 10658)
    v18 rep_change 824 (KB 11268)

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013