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    acq-17 retrieving Orders for Non-Active Budgets


    We're running the acq-17 ("List of Orders per Budget") Service with the following parameters: 
    setenv p_budget_type "" 
    setenv p_annual_budget_year "2017" 
    setenv p_budget_department "" 
    setenv p_budget_group "" 
    setenv p_budget_status "AC" 
    setenv p_filler_1 "" 
    setenv p_filler_2 "" 
    setenv p_filler_3 "" 
    setenv p_filler_4 "" 
    setenv p_budget_number "415.37880..000001.655010%" 
    setenv p_hierarchy "N" 

    The results do not differ between setting budget_status "AC" or leaving it blank. 
    Nor do they differ between defining the budget_year as "2017" or leaving it blank. 
    In all cases we're getting thousands of results spanning many years. 


    The Help for the acq-17 Service says the following in regard to the Budget Code / Budget Number field: "If you use this field, the system will ignore any entries you make in the budget description fields below, except for the "Use Hierarchy Budget" field. 
    Thus, since you have specified "p_budget_number 415.37880..000001.655010%" in the submission, the other parameters are being ignored. 

    Note:  The site found that they were able use the acq-02-01 ("General Retrieval Form") to retrieve the orders they needed to.