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    cir-10 produces empty Courtesy notice

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    cir-10 (Courtesy Notices) produces notice for patron with text "it is to time to renew or return the item(s) below ...", but there *are* no items below; the space where the items would be is blank.

    The item(s) were returned while cir-10 was running.

    Item returned while cir-10 was running.

    Additional Information

    * SQL query of the xxx50 z36h table shows items were returned for patron XX5640 at the following times on Dec. 12:

    xxx50@ALEPH21> select z36h_rec_key, z36h_returned_hour from z36h where z36h_id = 'XX5640' and z36h_returned_date = '20121212' order by z36h_returned_hour;
    **** Hit return to continue ****

    --------------- ------------------
    001915815000010 1215
    001001124000010 1215
    002194761000010 1215
    001830488000010 1231
    001849840000010 1249
    001397564000010 1249
    001354059000010 1250
    001176103000010 1250
    001285960000010 1301
    001299551000010 1301
    001992767000010 1302

    The last three returns occurred at 13:01, 13:01, and 13:02.

    * The same could be seen in the patron's GUI Circ Circulation Log, with the "return" boxes checked.

    * Looking in $alephe_scratch, the xxx50 cir-10 started at 13:00 and finished at 13:08.

    At the time the job started, the patron had three items checked out and the program wrote XX5640 to the cir_10_1 work file.

    By the time the job went to actually print the notices, the items had been returned and there were none to include.

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Loans (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013