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    p_cir_51: Making Lost Item Letter (bill) be sent after last Overdue Notice

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We recently realized that we could have a Lost Item Letter sent after the last Overdue Notice. So in addition to changing tab32 col7 to "L" for the lost item bill to be created by cir-51, I know that I also have to:

    (a) change the cir-51 parameter either to "bills for lost items" or "both" to get the lost item bill to be produced as the last overdue letter, and

    (b) edit the lost-material-summary.xsl letter to what we want AND presumably save it as the lost-material-summary-0n.xsl filenames to correspond with the overdue-summary-0n.xsl letters we use for our different patrons (-00 student, -01 faculty, etc).

    We use the plain form for our emailed notices, so I have created a bunch of plain-overdue-summary-0n.xsl letters. Our tab100 PLAIN-ONLY =Y in the alephe directory.

    But I see that in tab100 in the xxx50 library, that OVERDUE-LETTER-STYLE might have to be set to Y as well -- in order to recognize that the Lost Item Letter should come after the 4th Overdue Notice letter? We don't have different letters for the different notice numbers, but does this parameter need to be Y to make that Lost Item Letter generate, as well as setting tab32 col7 = L?

    !# Values:Y N Default: N
    !# Type: Text; Max Length: 01
    !# tab100 of library: Yes; tab100_<server_type>: No.
    ! N = standard overdue notice, without special text
    ! based on letter number
    ! Y = overdue notice text is sensitive to letter number

    A general final question: What more do I need to do to make this work? We haven't seen any of them be generated on our DEV side, though the next batch of samples should be finishing up in the next couple weeks -- I've seen notice number 3 go by the day before yesterday.

    [From Jerry:] Though the OVERDUE-LETTER-STYLE can affect what form_eng form is used for the notice, it does not affect whether or not the notice is *produced*.

    Looking at abc50, I find that the following have had three notices sent, and the last five, if they are item status 01, would be ready for a lost notice:

    select z36_rec_key, z36_letter_date from z36 where z36_letter_number = '03' and z36_letter_date > '20080731' order by z36_letter_date ;

    --------------- ---------------
    000346786000010 20080818
    000320447000010 20081107
    000042313000010 20081113
    000352581000010 20081113
    000256629000010 20081113
    000039068000010 20081113
    000261596000010 20081205
    000304114000010 20081205
    000320749000010 20081205
    000267707000010 20081205
    000326454000010 20081210

    But I see only p_cir_51 p_letter_type "O" -- no p_letter_type "L" (Lost) or "A" (All):

    > grep p_letter_type *cir_51*
    abc50_p_cir_51.02589:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02590:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02609:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02610:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02611:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02612:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02623:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02624:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02625:setenv p_letter_type "O"
    abc50_p_cir_51.02626:setenv p_letter_type "O"

    To test this, you will need to run p_cir_51 with L or A. (This presumes that some of the items are item status 01.)

    [From site:]
    Changing the parameters on the Services menu did the trick. I'd been relying on the job_list parameters, but never implemented the change to get ALL the letters, not just the Overdues. You also gave me an idea where to indicate WHICH FORM we'd want produced.

    See KB 8192-4557 for a complete discussion of overdue notice logic.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013