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    p_file_20: Code 5003 "Unable to process record due to problems in other records"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We see this message in the $data_scratch/p_file_20_report file: msg-code 5003: "Unable to process record due to problems in other records".

    Why should an error in one segment prevent the job from loading others?

    The z303, z305, z304, and z308 records are all inter-connected. We *must* have the Z303 global record, the Z308 type '00' and '01', and at least one Z305 local record. As far as the system is concerned, we would not *need* to have an address record or additional IDs, but it would be functionally wrong: you need an address to send overdues to; you need the university ID to look the patron up. There have been problems with inconsistencies among the records.Thus, we decided that it is better to make sure that all records load successfully.

    Note: This means that in cases where you want a particular segment or field to load only if it doesn't already exist, you will need to do two loads: one with "U" (containing the Null/Ignore character) and one with "I" (containing the data). When the records don't already exist, the "U" will get an error; when the records do already exist, the "I" will get an error.

    Thus, what you need to do is to do is to look at the other segments ("<table-name>"s) for this record (all sharing the same 6-digit "<line-number>") and find one which does not have the "Unable to process ..." message but, rather, some other, actual error which is triggering the other "Unable to process ..." message.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013