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    sub-library-address in certain forms includes a USM library address

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    In reviewing some XML output, I've just noticed that when the sub-library address is needed for our Music library (MUS), the XML form output includes an additional address - which I find in usm50 tab_sub_library_address.eng.
    Since we normally only output 2 -3 specific line occurrences from sub-library addresses, this doesn't seem to have affected any actual printouts, but I'd like to make it go away just in case a generic print template is ever used.

    The article Form Sublibrary Address Empty (Trouble-Shooting Misc Library Address Problems) (KB 8192-2037) has some useful looking suggestions, including using only the alephe/tab version of this table, and not having any xxx50/tab versions. This has actually been my intent. However, I don't control the usm50 tables.
    Can I safely delete usm50/tab/tab_sub_library_address.eng?
    If I do, will it potentially come back with a future service pack or upgrade?

    Renaming the ./usm50/tab/tab_sub_library_address.eng to ./tab_sub_library_address.eng.not_used corrected the problem.

    Note 1: it's unlikely that a new usm50 tab_sub_library_address file will be sent with a Service Pack; but you would need to watch out for this in future upgrades.

    Note 2: In another case the $alephe_tab/tab_sub_library_address.eng had an address with the label "LAW", but a run of cir-51 in the xxx50 library did not use that entry.  Instead it used the LAW entry in the yyy50 tab_sub_library_address.eng.  

    • Article last edited: 6-Feb-2017