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    sys-01: "Invalid server type. Must be ..."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    When sys-01 ("Restart Server") is run from the job_list, the job log shows:

    setenv p_server "www"

    and then:

    F01: Invalid server type. Must be "PC", "WWW" or "OCLC"

    Lowercase value for server type in ./alephe/pc_b_eng/p-sys-01.xml.

    Change the value line in ./alephe/pc_b_eng/p-sys-01.xml from: "<value>www</value>" to: "<value>WWW</value>" .

    Additional Information

    If the error occurs even with "WWW", try submitting the job from the command line:

    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_sys_01 VIR01,WWW > & $alephe_scratch/vir01_p_sys_01.log &

    If the above works OK, replace the existing sys-01 entry in the job_list with the following:

    W0 hh:mm:ss N csh -f /exlibris/aleph/a2n_n/aleph/proc/p_sys_01 VIR01,WWW

    And then restart the job daemon (util e/15/1).

    Category: System Management (500)

    • Article last edited: 6/18/2014