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    ue_01 indexing continously running following p_manage_02

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Yesterday 6/30 we ran Direct Index p_manage_05 on our v20 test system. We used 16 processes and it took about 12 min to process 1.37 million bib records. It finished around 4:48pm 6/30. But the ue_01, ue_01-word, ue_01_z102_index logs in abc01/scratch keep growing.

    The questions I want to ask are:

    1. Is the p_manage_05 index really finished?

    2. Is the ue_01 need that long to process or there is something wrong?

    3. Do we need to stop the ue_01 process?

    1. "ps -ef | grep manage_05" shows that p_manage_05 is no longer running.

    2. The run_e_01.15831 log was last written to on July 1 at 15:01. (Three hours and 30 minutes after you submitted this SI.) At that point, it had processed all of the z07 indexing requests.

    3. ue_01 seems to be oK.

    ue_01 processes z07 indexing-request records. p_manage_05 does *not* write z07 records. Therefore, p_manage_05 was *not* the cause of the ue_01 activity which you were seeing.

    What happened was this:

    a. You submitted p_manage_02 on June 29 with p_force_chk "N".

    Since this p_manage_02 had not been preceded by p_manage_102, p_force_chk "N" was the appropriate setting.

    b. On June 29, after p_manage_02 had finished, ue_08 created 1,204,206 z07 indexing requests:

    aleph@abc(a20_1) ABC01> grep -c 'Update doc' run_e_08.15982

    ue_01 processed 283,863 of these requests on June 29 and early June 30:

    aleph@abc(a20_1) ABC01> grep -c HANDLING run_e_01.15982

    aleph@abc(a20_1) ABC01> grep -c HANDLING run_e_01.5311

    c. On the morning of June 30, you submitted p_manage_05 (which stopped the ue_01 indexing daemon).

    d. On the afternoon of June 30, p_manage_05 finished and restarted ue_01, which continued processing the z07 indexing requests (created by ue_08).

    ue_01 processed 512,486 z07's:

    aleph@abc(a20_1) ABC01> grep -c HANDLING run_e_01.15831

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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