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    ue_08 doesn't keep up with z0102 processing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    There has been a problem with ue_08 not being able to keep up with the number of "z01_update_z0102 = Y"s. It seems that in most cases the z01_update_z0102 has been set to Y because of an authority update: ue_08 processes "-NEW-" z01 from xxx10 library --> writes Z07 --> ue_01 processes Z07, calling update_acc --> update_acc changes all of the headings in each bib record to z01_update_z0102 = Y. (For a heading found in 50,000 bibs, each containing 10 headings, this can result in 500,000 headings being changed to z01_update_z0102 = Y.) As a temporary measure, there is talk about starting ue_08 with "Create Z07s?" = No. But since this would prevent *any* flipping of headings from occurring, this doesn't seem like a good solution. I see this in the ue_08 log: AUT DOC : EXU10 - 000000371 Marc type : 1 Update doc : N Update flag : cab <snip> Update doc - 000019529 Update doc - 000020971 This shows that ue_08 is creating Z07s for documents 19529 and 20971 when no change can occur to the heading in these documents (because the Z01 has Z01-UPDATE-DOC = N). [Note: in 14.2 the z0102 updating is done by p_manage_34.

    It would seem that we would not need to write a Z07 when Z01-UPDATE-DOC = N. Based on correspondence with Programming, the only reason we are doing this is for the case where "WORD expand_doc_bib_accref" is specified in tab_expand (--*not* used by North American libraries!--). We have suggested that the program check if the z01_update_doc flag is set to "N" and, if so, check the library's tab_expand for "WORD expand_doc_bib_accref" -- and, if not found, not write the Z07s.

    Additional Information

    UE_08, Z0102

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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