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    v21 course-01: report is blank

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    course-01 ("Course Lists Report"): produces the raw xml, but the final report is blank.

    The course-summary-nn.xsl and course-report-nn.xsl's had not been swapped -- as described in v21 rep_change 2099.

    Rename the ./xxx01/form_eng/course-report forms to course-summary, and the course-summary forms, to course-report....

    1. Run the following commands in every local ./[Library]/form_lng directory that contains the course-report.xsl, course-report.trn, course-summary.xsl, and course-summary.trn files:
    cp course-report.xsl course-report.xsl.orig
    cp course-summary.xsl course-summary.xsl.orig
    cp course-report.trn course-report.trn.orig
    cp course-summary.trn course-summary.trn.orig
    mv course-report.xsl.orig course-summary.xsl
    mv course-summary.xsl.orig course-report.xsl
    mv course-report.trn.orig course-summary.trn
    mv course-summary.trn.orig course-report.trn

    2. Run Util/i/6 in all the relevant libraries.

    Additional Information

    This situation is due to v21 rep_change 2099 to correct an oddity in which the p-course-01 (Course Lists Report) service was using the "course-summary" xsl template file, while p-course-06 (Course Summary) was using the "course-report" xsl template file.

    rep_change 2099 made it so p-course-01 looks for the "course-report" xsl file and p-course-06 looks for the "course-summary" xsl file.

    At one site, the following moves were made (in the ./xxx01/form_eng directory) to correct this:

    > mv course-report.xsl course-xxxx.xsl
    > mv course-report.trn course-xxxx.trn
    > mv course-summary.trn course-report.trn
    > mv course-summary-00.xsl course-report-00.xsl
    > mv course-summary-20.xsl course-report-20.xsl
    > mv course-summary-30.xsl course-report-30.xsl
    > mv course-summary-50.xsl course-report-50.xsl
    > mv course-summary.xsl course-report.xsl
    > mv course-xxxx.xsl course-summary.xsl
    > mv course-xxxx.trn course-summary.trn

    The previous form course-summary-20.xsl is now be course-report-20.xsl, which is the filename that the course-01 service is now looking for.

    Category: Course reading (500)

    Subject: Services

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013