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    How to Understand if an Item Can be Loaned to a Specific Patron (Fulfillment Configuration Utility)

    There are many parameters that affect a patron’s eligibility to borrow an item, for  example:

    Block preferences let you control how various scenarios are handled at circulation desks. For more information see Configuring Block Preferences.
    This document will describe how the patron’s eligibility for a loan can be verified by the library staff. The tool described in this document enables library staff to check the first bullet in the above list.

    You can view fulfillment configuration information for a specific item. The Fulfillment Configuration Utility displays the information that would take effect if a specified item were loaned to a specified patron, as follows:

    • The Fulfillment Unit Name, Fulfillment Unit Rule, and Terms of Use Name associated with the item.
    • The Due date calculated by the system if the specified item would be loaned to the indicated patron.
    • The Overdue Fine for an item returned after its due date.

    In addition to the Terms of Use details that are displayed for a loan, the Request and Booking tabs display the Terms of Use details that would be associated with requests or bookings. The Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles tab displays the applicable overdue and lost loan profiles for a given overdue loan.

    You can also access this information when viewing a patron's loan information on the Patron Services page, by selecting View Policies from the More actions list for a loan (see Loaning Items).

    For more information about the fulfillment configuration utility, see the Fulfillment Configuration Utility video (4:49 mins).
    To view fulfillment configuration information: 
    Fulfillment Configuration Utility Page.png
    Fulfillment Configuration Utility Page – Terms of Use
    1. On the Fulfillment Configuration Utility page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools – Loans > Fulfillment Configuration Utility), search for a patron in the Patron identifier field.
    2. In the Item barcode field, search for an item. After selecting an item, the item's barcode displays in this field.
    3. Select OK. The due date for the specified item and patron appears next to Due date if the item would be loaned now, and the Terms of Use Policies for the item and patron appear at the bottom of the page.
    4. In the Optional Return Date field, enter a date and time to return the item and select Calculate Overdue Fine. The Overdue fine for given return date appears. If the item is not currently on loan, the amount indicates the fine that would be accrued if the item were returned on the indicated date and time. If the item is currently on loan, the overdue fine is calculated based on the current loan date.
      Fulfillment Configuration Utility Page - Overdue Fine for Given Return Date New UI.png
      Fulfillment Configuration Utility Page – Overdue Fine for Given Return Date

    Depending on the Reloan Limit policy, an item that was just returned by a patron may not be immediately reloanable to the same patron. Depending on the policy chosen, you may receive a block message when the loan is attempted. A different copy of the same title with the same material type is considered as a single item for this policy. For serial items, the limit only applies to items with the same description. If the policy is set to none or the time frame for reloaning has passed, the loan will successfully execute. See Reloan Limit.

    For more information, see Patron Loans and Proxy Loans. (3:11 min)