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    Generic Parser Example for Title Search using Alma Link Resolver

    Created By: Joan Kolarik
    Created on: 8/07/2019

    Problem:  A vendor's links have stopped working.  They made a change to their URL structure and the collection service in Alma has not yet been updated.

    Workaround:  In this case, the vendor has a standard URL structure for searching ({baseURL}/search?q=).  This allows creation of a reasonable temporary workaround using the Service parser and parser parameter fields.  When the service correction is released, the 2 override fields can be emptied and the correct service values will be used.

    What to Do:

    Go to the Collection > edit the Service > click Linking tab > change following fields as indicated:

    Parser (override) = Generic

    Parser parameters (override) = IF (title) "" title

    URL type = Parser Parameters


    IF (title) "" title

    Translation : If the specific record contains a title (rft.title), create a url combining the base URL ( plus the title

    Example of result:,%20statistics%20and%20randomness%20:%20psychological%20and%20educational%20perspectives%20/

    This is not a perfect solution.  It is possible that some titles won't work, but worst case scenario, the patron is taken to the vendor site and can try the search again.  Unfortunately, in the case of this vendor, there is no consistent ISBN field.  If there was, then it would probably be a more reliable solution.