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Self-Check Machines

Self-check machines allow library users to easily borrow, return, and renew items at conveniently placed self-service stations. In this accelerator kit, you will find content that can help your organization integrate, configure and troubleshoot self-check machines for the most common issues.

clipboard_e4863b39cb878b664eb37efabb924aa0f.png Introduction to Self-Check Machine Integrations


If you are new to the concept of integrating self-check machines, please watch the following introductory video:

Duration: 6.06 minutes

clipboard_e73ff196ed21e390bef438590c1fc447b.pngBefore You Start


Ex Libris staff will typically start talking to you about self-check machine considerations during implementation. No matter where you are in the implementation process, you will need to be mindful of the following things:

  • Self-check machines can only be configured after the test load delivery has occurred.
  • You need to install and configure Stunnel, a free open source software, before connecting any self-check machines (learn more about Stunnel in our How-to Guide). Installation instructions for Windows and Linux OS can be found in this article

clipboard_e83b6db1e4340c5d396881f56ddeda83b.png How-to Videos 


We've created two easy-to-follow videos for you to watch in order to help with configuring self-check machines with Alma via Stunnel.

Configuring Stunnel for Self-Check Machines
Obtaining an Alma Certificate File for Stunnel Configuration

clipboard_e258895a63a6868449193d29d1bd04f50.png Mastering Self-Check Machines


For resolving issues pertaining to Stunnel, please refer to this troubleshooting article. 

General Self-Check Troubleshooting Tips
  • If you are using a 3M self-check machine, the checkin option must be set to Yes, due to a 3M requirement for enabling initial communication. If you do not want the check-in action to be allowed, ensure that you block it when configuring your 3M self-check machine. If you do not define the checkin option, you will not be able to activate the integration.
  • Due dates are not displayed – if this used to work, it might be related to daylight saving times change. The date format in the machine’s software should be updated to match the Alma date format. It is also possible to define Alma to return the due date field (AH) without time zone (use_time_format_with_time_zone_in_self_check customer parameter),
  • “Connection timed out” messages in the Stunnel log – add the following line to stunnel.conf:
    TIMEOUTidle = 86400
  • We recommend that, once installation and initial configuration has been completed, that you test to ensure that it is functional. Please refer to our testing instructions which can be found here.
Submitting a Support Ticket

If you cannot find the help you need to resolve your issue, we recommend submitting a support ticket and include the following information:


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