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    "Resend Printouts/Emails" job does not send any letter

    • Product: Alma



    The "Resend Printouts/Emails" job does not send any letter.

    In the form we entered a job id and a printer, and now not a single letter was printed. Why is that?


    There is a common misunderstanding about the field "Printer". The field "Printer" does NOT only indicate how you want to print the letters to be resent - it mainly acts as a filter to find the letters that you want to send again. So they will only be resent if they were originally printed via this printer.

    So in case that a printer did not correctly work, you could print everything again that was sent to that printer.

    When you want to resend every letter from a specific job id, it is advisable not to use the other filter fields. Alternatively you could find the job via "monitor jobs" in the job history and choose to resend messages from the relevant context menu.



    • Article last edited: 13-Apr-2021