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    "Synchronize Changes from CZ" Job Fails Since Previous Instance of the Job Still Running

    • Product: Alma



    "Synchronize Changes from CZ" job fails. 

    Failure reason: This instance if the job is skipped since previous instance of the job is still running



    This behavior is expected.


    When there are many changes in the CZ, the "Synchronize Changes from CZ" job's running time might take long (and sometimes to be split over several parts – like the example above of Part 8). In some cases, this causes the next occurrence of the job to fail.

    Although the status of the job appear as "Failed", the work is still done (by the first long job), so this is a normal behavior and the failure should be ignored.

    We are working to improve the running time of the job so this will happen less frequently.



    • Article last edited: 22-Feb-2017