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    API call limitation Sandbox

    • Question

      Does the API call limitation also considers calls to the Alma (Standard) sandbox?

      Or are these counted separately? 

    • Daily API Request Threshold
      The Daily API Request Threshold permits 1000 API calls per number of named user licenses per day (the threshold is not per-user basis - it is enforced against the aggregate of all API calls made by the institution in a 24 hour period). For example, for an institution with a 100 named users license, the Daily API Request Threshold is 100,000 requests (100 named users X 1000 calls = 100,000 daily requests). If the number of API requests exceeds the daily threshold, an error is returned for any additional API request



      The threshold includes calls to the sandbox. It is expected that, being a test environment not many calls will be made.

      Product: Alma
    • Product Version: all
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    • Article last edited: 29-Aug-2017
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