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Add Deleted Records to a Set in Alma

  • Product: Alma


Deleted records do not show in repository search results in Alma, but sometimes need to be processed in jobs or collected together in a set.


Create the set by uploading a file of the deleted records as an itemized set.

  1. Create a file of the deleted records you want included in the set
  2. Go to Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Manage Sets > Add set > Itemized
  3. Add a name to the "Set Name" field and select the appropriate option in the "Set Content Type" dropdown field.
  4. In the "Add Contents from File" section, select the file browse icon (browse_icon.gif) and select the file you created.
  5. Select "Save" (DO NOT select "Add Members to Set").

The set will look empty since the records are deleted, but it will contain the info and jobs will be able to process it.

We recommend managing deleted records in a separate set from records in the repository, to make it easier to differentiate the identity of the sets


Additional Information

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  • Article last edited: 28-Apr-2021
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