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    Restoring Deleted Records

    To restore deleted records, you must have the role Repository Manager.
    You can restore repository records that were manually deleted on the Manage deleted repository page (Resources > Advanced Tools > Manage deleted repository). You can restore a single deleted record by ID or enter criteria to match a list of records that were deleted.
    Manage deleted repository Page
    To restore deleted records:
    1. On the Manage deleted repository page, select the type of records to restore in Find.
    2. Enter information about the record(s):
      • To restore a single record, select MMS ID/PID for Search criteria and enter the MMS ID or PID. The MMS ID is the record ID number. The PID is a system number for an inventory entity. See Configuring Search Indexes.
      • To restore multiple records:
        • By date range: Select Deleted range for Search criteria. Select a date range for when the records were deleted.
        • By a user or by a job: Select Deleted by for Search criteria. For a user, select User, select the user in the User, and select a date range. For a job, select Job id and enter the ID.
    3. Select Search. The list of matching records appears on the page.
      Manage deleted repository Page with Matching Record
    4. Select a record title to view brief information about a record; see Viewing Metadata Read-Only in the Simple Record View Page.
    5. Select Restore and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box to restore a record.
    • When restoring records deleted by a user, only records deleted by the last action performed by that user are restored.
    • Restoring a bibliographic record restores all records that were deleted together with it, for example holdings and item records.
    • Restoring an item record restores its higher level records, for example holdings and bibliographic records, but not other records that were under its associated bibliographic record.
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