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    Alma Resource Management: Creating custom sets from files using an identifier other than barcode

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    We've got a large number of items in Alma that need further internal processing because they don't have a barcode. Using data outside of Alma I can produce a spreadsheet of all the items. However, there isn't a way I can re-create these sets within Alma because the only option when uploading a file to create a set is to use the barcode.

    It would be good if you could upload a file containing, for example the MMS ID or Originating system ID and create a set from that.

    Are there plans for this?


    this possibility has been added with the March 2014 Release. You can already test it today in your sandbox.

    [From the March 2014 Release Notes, p.49]:

    Creating Sets from Imported Data
    The purpose of this enhancement is to allow you to import data from a text file or an Excel spreadsheet to create a set for any type of item. Until now, this functionality was available only for physical items and PO lines.
    The imported file must have the correct header at the top of the column for the data to be read. All other information in the Excel is disregarded. The following are the headers:
    For Content Type "Physical items", the possible Headers are: Barcode and PID (PID, Item PID, or Item ID)

    Category: Resource Management - Alma

    • Article last edited: 2/26/2014