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    Analytics report sorting items by LC Call Number

    • Product: Alma

    Desired Outcome Goal

    Creating an Analytics report to list call numbers and barcodes for a collections, where:

    The LC call number should sort so that if a letter comes after the decimal point, it will be listed before a call number that has a number after the decimal point.


    PN1997.A1 G467 2008 DVD

    should come before

    PN1997.2 .W54 2003 DVD.

    Sort by ascending and descending doesn't achieve this.


    In Analytics:

    1. Under Subject Area select:  Physical Items > Holding Details > Normalized Call Number 

    2. Add any other fields and filters needed for your report. For example:

    3. Choose how you would like the call numbers to sort

    4. To hide the Normalized Call number column, select the Edit View Option under the Results tab

    5. Under Layout > Table, click on the symbol next to “Normalize Call Number” and select Hidden

    6. Save the analysis

    7. You can then filter out the records with unknown Permanent Call Number, if necessary.


    • Article last edited: 30-Nov-2017