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    Automatic renewal done 4 days too early

    • Product: Alma



    Loans are renewed 4 days before their due date. The job “Notifications - Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals” runs daily.
    Is there something wrong in the configurations?


    It is correct and works as expected.

    • The Notifications - Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals job take care of the Automatic loan renewal rules. These define the conditions under which items are renewed by the job.

    • It also consider the parameter auto_renew_loan_days (available in Other Settings), which sets the number of days before a loan is due that an automatic renewal attempt triggers.

    • This parameter is set to 5: you need to consider the due time.

    • If the item is due on Monday 23 at 16:30, and the job run every day at the 03:00, 5 days before (120 hours) means Wednesday 18 at 16:30. The first job that will consider the loan eligible for automatic renew is the one that run on Thursday 19 at 03:00


      The loan will be renewed on Thursday at 03:00 and the new due date will be 4 weeks later at 16:30


    • Article last edited: 20-Oct-2016
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