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    Calendar Management - steps to reduce library Standard Opening Hours



    How to set-up shorter opening hours for a library (e.g. during semester break, summer hours, holidays)? What are the steps to override the Standard Opening Hours?


    Standard Opening Hours need to be "reduced", by adding "Exceptions" with status "Closed". The regular opening hours are left untouched.

    Steps are:

    1. Select Alma > Fulfillment Configuration Menu

    2. Filter: "You are configuring:" to the required library

    3. Click: Opening Hours

    4. Click: Add Record

    5. Select type: Exception

    6. The "Status" is "Closed"

    7. Fill in the rest of the information

    8. Click "Apply Changes" 


    For example, if the library usually opens from 9:00 am to 23:59, but will close on an eve of a holiday at 15:00, please add an Exception, with status "Closed", for the hours of 15:00 to 23:59.  If it also opens late, add a second exception for 9:00 to 10:00.


    Additional Information


    Calendar Management and Opening Hours are topics mentioned at:


    • Article last edited: 03-MAY-2016