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    Can't close invoice: "Fund ... belongs to the previous fiscal period for which transactions are not allowed"

    • Product: Alma


    Invoice can't be saved or closed because of this error: "Fund ... belongs to the previous fiscal period for which transactions are not allowed".

    Or a different message shows up: "Fund (...) is not valid for this invoice. Please check that the fund belongs to a correct fiscal period and that it is active and available to the invoice's library."


    To enable the Invoice to "Save and Continue" in the workflow, edit the relevant Fund, override any Rules as needed, and add days to the "Fiscal period end encumbrance grace period (days)" and "Fiscal period end expenditure grace period (days)" parameters.  For example, if the Fund's Fiscal Year has ended 14 days ago, add Grace Period of 15.

    The fund needs to be "Active". If the fund's "Available Balance" isn't sufficient, it will be needed to set Overexpenditure Rule for the fund, or allocate more money to this fund.

    Going back to two fiscal periods ago, it will be needed to add Grace Period to any prior Fund (e.g. to pay with a 2019 fund, also enable grace period for 2020).

    For any situation which is not easily solved, or it is not desired to activate past Ledgers and Funds, open a case to Alma support. The team can force the invoice to close.

    Additional Information


    Click here for the Online Help regarding "Managing Funds and Ledgers".

    Support can force close an invoice.



    • Article last edited: 4-AUG-2021


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