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    Can't close invoice: "Fund ... belongs to the previous fiscal period for which transactions are not allowed"

    • Product: Alma


    Invoice can't be saved or closed because of this error: "Fund ... belongs to the previous fiscal period for which transactions are not allowed".

    How can the operator 'Save and Continue', to close the invoice?


    Please change temporarily the Grace Period for the fund.  This will enable payment at a date which is later than the last day of the fund's Fiscal Period.

    The fund needs to be "Active". Several customers find that it is needed to reactivate the ledger - not just the fund involved.

    Also, if the fund's "Available Balance" isn't sufficient, it will be needed to set overencumbrance for the fund. (Alternatively, allocate more money to this fund).

    Additional Information

    Steps to edit the fund:

    1. Find the fund

    2. In the Summary tab, find the "Rules" section at the bottom of the page

    3. Add enough days to the 'Fiscal period end expenditure grace period (days)'. 

    -- The count is from the last day of the Fund's Fiscal Period, and today (or any day in the future). 

    4. Save.

    Going back to two fiscal periods ago, it will be needed to add Grace Period to any Fund in between (e.g. to pay with a 2014 fund, also enable grace period for 2015, 2016...).


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    • Article last edited: 31-MAR-2018


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