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    Changing the process type (work order) in the item record



    Can a work order process type be changed directly on the item record?


    • The work order can be started directly from the item by adding information on field "Process type".
    • If the item is already in process and the process type in the item record is changed to none the request status will be set to "Completed" and the request will be listed accordingly on the "Monitor Requests & Item Processes". It is no longer displayed on the "Manage in process" items page and the history of the item shows that the process type has been reset.  When an item has 2 work order requests and the "Process type" within the item is changed to "None" the 1st request is ended and the item has to be scanned in manually so that the 2nd work order request can be handled.
    • Switching the process type in the item record from one work order to another is possible as long as there is no other process waiting. As long as there is only one request there is no problem in changing or deleting a work order on the item level. As soon as there is another work oder request a manual scan in is necessary.



    • Article last edited: 15-Aug-2019
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