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    Configure one-item requested titles to be "not available" for requesting

    • Product: Alma


    How to configure requested items to show as “Requested” in Primo, with an unavailable status? This will also avoid recall of item.


    For item-level requests and title-level requests with only one item (single item), Alma can be configured to mark the requested item as unavailable. The item being requested will be marked as "Item not Available" and will have a Process Status of "Requested". In such cases, upon release or cancelation of the request, the item’s Status becomes "Item in Place".

    To enable this functionality please contact Support.

    The following request types can be configured to display as unavailable:

    • Patron physical item request

    • Patron digitization request

    • Staff digitization request

    • Course related digitization request

    • Move permanently

    • Move temporarily

    • Restore item

    • Ship digitally

    • Ship physically

    • Work order request

    Additional Information

    How does this impact resource sharing requests?

    To the best of our understanding, this solution prevents other patrons/staff to loan/request items that were assigned to an RS process. Once there is a “ship physically/digitally” request on an item, every other request will get in the queue of requests for this item.
    That being said, this will not cover a flow where there is already a request assigned to the item (and it is still on the shelf) and another RS request is coming, expecting to be rejected.
    In this case, the second request will get to the queue of requests (as inactive) and the staff will need to manipulate the queue or reject the request.

    Throughout Alma whenever you place a request on an item, until you picked that item from the shelf, it will be available. This is exactly what is happening with the RS requests. Enhancing this functionality is currently on our long term roadmap.

    For Online Help page for "Configuring Loan Recalls", click here

    • Last Modified: 09-Oct-2020  
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