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    Course Reserves / Reading List check-list for Alma-Primo

    • Product: Alma, Primo


    Why aren't Course Reserves (Reading Lists) bib records published to Primo?

    Note: Because Primo VE does not require record publishing, this article applies to Primo only.


    Check if:

    1. Bibliographic record is suppressed (the bib should not have the Suppress from Discovery management tag). Unsuppress the bib record so it can be published to Primo. 
    2. Course is "Active" (defined by its "Start date" and "End date")
    3. The job "Activate/Deactivate Courses" is enabled (contact Ex Libris to activate it).
      • When activating or deactivating courses, this job publishes the bibliographic citations linked to the course. 
      • The job adds (or removes) CNO fields from the XML record sent to Primo. The field is used by the Primo Normalization Rules and determines discovery.
    4. Publishing
      • Primo includes "Course information enrichment" (Resources > Publishing > Publishing Profiles).
    5. Course Restricted functionality is set-up (that is, if a MARC field/subfield was defined in the course_restricted_field customer parameter). Some libraries use this field to denote an instructor's personal copy.  The course_restricted_field customer parameter is a field of your choice. Several customers opted to use: 900$a, 999$a, or 959$a.

    Configure these settings from the Customer Parameters Mapping Table page (Configuration Menu > Resources > General > Other Settings).

    Given that a bib contains the specified tag/subfield with the text 'CR_RESTRICTED' and that the given bib is attached to a course, and that the bib does not have the Suppress from Discovery management tag, then, when the course is active, the bib will be published to the Course Reserves scope in Primo (if this have been configured), and be removed from Primo when the course is deactivated.

    Note, that the 9xx$a CR_RESTRICTED is not removed/added as a result of the Activate/Deactivate Courses job. On the contrary, the presence of the 9xx$a field CR_RESTRICTED is a pre-requisite of the Course Restricted functionality. This means that the Suppress from Discovery management tag overrides the 9xx$a CR_RESTRICTED.

    The "CR_RESTRICTED" content in the MARC field is very important for controlling "display" in Primo.

    Additional Information

    Setup of "course_restricted_field" is detailed in:  Configuring Other Settings (Resource Management)

    • Article last edited: 11-Dec-2019
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