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    Courtesy Notice and Auto Renewal

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    Is Courtesy Notice always tied to Auto Renewal?


    Courtesy Notices are dependent upon the Auto Renewal settings, rules and the related job but Auto Renewal can be turned 'off' while courtesy notices run.

    *Settings: Fulfillment >Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Fulfillment Job Configuration (# days prior to due date to send notice and how often to run job)
    *Settings: Fulfillment >Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings
    (# days prior to due date to send notice)

    *Settings: Fulfillment >Fulfillment Configuration > Physical Fulfillment > Auto Loan Renewal Rules (User groups and Item library combinations for which auto renewal will be on or off for batch job)
    *Job: ‘Notifications - Send Courtesy Notices and Handle Loan Renewals’ calculates renewal date based on automatic loan renewal rules, terms of use, and existing recalls

    *Guidelines for Courtesy Notice and/or Auto Renewal:
    1. If automatic loan renewal can occur, performs automatic renewal
    OR just sends courtesy notice based on Auto Loan Renewal Rules settings
    2. If automatic loan renewal cannot occur, sends a courtesy notice
    3. If automatic loan renewal is prevented by patron or item block, sends a courtesy notice

    Additional Information

    Note: Auto Renewals are not tied to Courtesy Notices.
    ‘Notifications - Send Due Date Reminders’ job sends reminders to patrons on the date an outstanding item is due.

    Category: Fulfillment - Alma

    Subject: Configuration - Alma

    • Article last edited: 2/20/2015